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The pioneer square commercial complex


Pioneer island the area of 268 mu, planning determined the pioneer square "business, entertainment and culture, hotel and tourism" five function orientation.
Commercial complex 16 square meters, for all the largest single Mosaic, the introduction of Hong Kong new world, Taiwan embellish hair, hengdian studios, and other famous enterprises.

The pioneer square points four parts: 1. The commercial center. Mainly by the department stores, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, JingPinJie, KTV, video games etc. 2. Culture. By traditional culture business street, the new fourth army, a site of the army ShanSi etc. 3. The hotel apartment. Main have five-star business hotel, grade a office, apartment hotel, etc. 4. Square landscape. The main island road and entertainment is square, landscape villas, business printing etc.
Building features:
Elegant massiness-pay attention to style design, use multiple architrave, heavy construction top, stone material.
Human nature-architrave, pole, porch, terraces, the balcony, the proper proportion and details the small size of the life of a delicate and exquisite.
View the viewing Angle maximize-good, the open field of vision, the eye all around the beautiful scenery.
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